(mixtape mailing list)

when i made my mixtape over my birthday weekend i was doing it mainly because i owed a lot of people music that i said i’d give them.

in fact, i was looking at two burned cd’s and feeling so lazy about actually walking to the post office to mail them that i launched into a much more intensive effort to put together a digital mixtape project.

my laziness is oddly motivating.

in about half a day or so i’d collected the songs and set up the website. i’m kind of pissed i sent out the initial email announcement before i tried mixable, because mixable solved the problem of letting everyone sample the mix before downloading it.

instead i wasted a bunch of time poking around imeem, myspace, and some other retarded sites that seemed to serve the purpose until i couldn’t find songs i wanted to include and was off looking for a better option.

i get really pissed off when i can’t find exactly what i want online. that’s probably a combination of high expectations, i-snobbery, and my HCI degree.

but the response on the mixtape was extremely overwhelming, so thank you to all you great people who said you like it.

and if you want to get future announcements (and didn’t get the first one), send an email to [email protected] with ‘subscribe’ in the subject line. the first mix is here.

if you got the first announcement, you’ll get the next one, assuming you want it.

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