so it looks like a little project i’ve been working on getting organized since thanksgiving will launch tomorrow (finally), and i wanted to garner up any interested parties to be a part of it if there is, in fact, interest.

i’m going to put out a mixtape each month of music i’ve been digging.

for now i’ll compile an email list manually, so if you’re interested please shoot me an email at dblogged AT gmail DOT com so i can add you to the list. i won’t send files, but i’ll send a link to a website where you can check out the song list before you make a decision to grab it or not. it’ll be a compressed file with all the songs included to make it easy on people.

i’ve even designed an album cover for the mixtape!

oh yeah.

it’s nothing to write home about, and a lot of you are far more music-savvy than i am, but after numerous inquiries into my listening habits from my offline friends i felt compelled to act. it’s a fun exercise too!

so let me know.

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