(monday music)

today’s kind of a music day for me, possibly inspired by my solo adventure to a hip-hop show on saturday night.

i realized i hadn’t been to a show in a while and i certainly hadn’t been to one alone since i got roofied at a juliette lewis show.

i got wind of a treologic show at subterranean that was going to start at 10pm and it was 8pm so i decided that if i still felt like going i’d rally and go and if there weren’t tickets at least i tried.

the opener, vertikal, was actually a little more intriguing to me, and proved to be the more interesting show.

it’s a really nice experience, going to a show on your own.

you can hate the show and you haven’t dragged anyone there to hate it with you.

you can hole up anywhere in the venue and move around at will. i ended up in front of the sound guy, as i usually do.

also you tend to meet people, and i met some funny girls who asked if i was performing right after i told them there was no valet parking at the venue but that parking wasn’t tough nearby.

today was a paperwork day which means a music day which means lots of new music playing in the background. my office-mate will usually start humming songs if the melody is annoyingly repetitive and that’s usually a good read on whether a song is overdoing it and since he’s not really a humming kind of guy it’s a very laughable situation.

i’ve noticed that smaller, unknown bands don’t always put up free downloads, which isn’t just annoying, but in my mind it’s quite self-defeating. i get the inherent value of art and music, but when you’re not playing to a huge audience i really think giving away some of your sounds for free allows for wider distribution (on my monthly mixtape, for instance).

and speaking of cheap music, did you know amazon’s giving away the 50 top-selling 2008 albums in mp3 format for $5 each?

full disclosure: that link is an affiliate link, which i’ve never used, but which i figured i’d use instead of someone else’s. i don’t even know how that crap works, nor did i mention this to make money. it actually surprised me more than anything.

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