(mother’s day)

mother’s day yesterday was another trip out to the suburbs with the pup in tow, followed by a lot of red wine and broken waterford crystal.

the red wine was for me, the waterford crystal saucer a present to my mother many years back. the curiousity about everything in my parents’ house was branner’s, and as he squirreled around a particularly wobbly table with said crystal and a frighteningly ancient china lamp on it i was able to jump across the room and catch the lamp as it bucked its perch.

the crystal hit the floor and shattered.

happy mother’s day, love branner.

it was no big deal, and the day at mom’s house with my sister and her dog was extremely relaxing once i decided that branner would in all likelihood not kill himself on my parent’s first floor.

previously described damage aside, the afternoon passed without major consequence.

every few hours my sis, her boyfriend, and i took our dogs out back and let them sprint in huge circles around the luscious green early springtime yard, branner following in tow as shiloh bounded back and forth, easily faster and more agile than his younger cousin. branner took to head-on collisions to express his excitement, and more than once both dogs bounced off of one another onto their backs like furry trainwrecks.

as a gift to my wonderful mother i offered to set us up with a cooking class downtown sometime this summer. the two of us love to cook, and she’s been so worried as of late about packing our house into boxes and the space she’ll be giving up by moving into the city that i couldn’t bring myself to give her more stuff.

she loved the idea, and were anyone to have a great recommendation for us i’d be much obliged.

we sat around the dinner table long after the food was gone discussing politics and theater. and family.

our family dinner and post-dinner discussions are among the most poignant fixtures in my life.

as such, i lost track of time and arrived back in the city as midnight approached and carrying an unconcious puppy.

how was your mother’s day?

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