(museums and cars)

one of the coolest things that happens in chicago is the chicago auto show.

it’s also one of those chicago things i’ve never done.

i don’t know why i tend to stay away from doing all the things that people come to chicago to do, but i suspect it’s a combination of my tendency to avoid tourists, and my idiotic notion that the things there are to do in chicago are always going to be there to do, so why rush?

needless to say, i’ve decided i want to go check out the auto show.

and to start doing some of those things that i seem to keep putting off in the interest of my (oh so exciting) social life and my (truly insane) work life.

you know what else i’m going to do?

i’m going to go to the edward hopper show at the art institute.

i will say that these two activities are different, in that i’m quite a softie for the art institute, and have been a member for years.

apparently i’m okay with tourists that have a taste for art.

i’m such an elitist.

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