(my neighborhood buddy)

so on friday morning, when branner decided 5am was pretty much perfect for choking…i happened to be outside my apartment hoping to convince my puppy not to choke.

i saw this:

that’s the bag i saw on my street a few feet away from some important looking binders, which i surmised all belonged to the same person, and thus collected.

i returned that bag to a very, very happy young lady.

i then helped brady move into this:

actually i waited outside for like an hour while he closed on the property, taking pictures of sidewalk flowers:

i took pictures of all the people wearing yellow shirts:

then i took pictures of the future:

and then i realized that the snake thing on the moving truck was indeed very, very weird:

i was waiting and i was sweating so i move some stuff onto the street and sat in the truck:

this is braden’s new kitchen:

and this is his new room full of stuff that i carried up a flight of stairs:

and this is me after i’ve sweated out every drip of moisture in my body:

i walked home and walked my dog and showered and was really happy my best friend lives down the street from me.

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