(my profession)

today my blog turns two years old.

most bloggers use this kind of occasion to reminisce.

i’m using it to look forward.

throughout this blog’s existence i’ve been careful to keep certain things off the site, most notably the work i do and other details that helped to keep a thin veil over my identity…i’ve loosely held on to the ability to plausibly deny that i write this, if you will.

d could be anyone, really.

(he could be a superhero!)

but this morning, as you know, i resigned from my position and intend to remain self-employed for the rest of my life.

i intend to never fire myself for writing a blog, too.

you see, i run a financial advisory practice.

i give advice for a living.

that advice is highly regulated, and it’s something i’m very, very responsible to.

until this morning, i did that under the umbrella of a fortune 100 company. they didn’t really have the ability to “fire” me, per se, but rather than worry about the regulatory nuances of public communication, i kept that part of my life offline.

which i’ll continue to do, of course, because my advice is still highly regulated…but now there’s no middle man.

you can stop worrying about this blog going all finance on you.

it won’t happen.

if you’re wondering, i truly love what i do for a living.

i’m very good at it.
and i feel very useful.

the last few months have been challenging, as i thought about this and made my plans. i’ve been mentally consumed by it, and those of you who know me offline know that. writing’s been tough in the face of a topic i couldn’t write about clouding the forefront of my mind (and thus assassinating my creativity).

that’s not an apology

as much as it’s nice thing to leave behind

as we head into year three here on this little piece of cyber real estate.

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