Naturally, My Blog Would Crash This Week

There’s at least a few reasons that this week my blog would crash, and all of them are related to the fact that one of my closest friends growing ups carries the last name Murphy and I am subject to his Law.

Not only am I writing posts for REVERB10 but let’s just say that this week isn’t the week I needed to be dealing with moving this site and all my other sites to new servers because MediaTemple is run by a bunch of raccoons. Hell, even Tumblr spent a good day or two out of commission, which made hipsters everywhere extremely nervous about their self-identities.

That’s my passive aggressive way of saying that I’m annoyed that I haven’t had a blog this week, and that it doesn’t mean I wasn’t writing, and it doesn’t mean I will post everything I wrote, as you can probably tell I’m in a bit of an unbalanced place at the moment and have a love/hate relationship with some of what I wrote.

Either way, I’ve got things back up, and you’ll notice some dust is settling, so forgive that. Or don’t, Scrooge. You may also notice the site’s a lot faster than it’s been in the past. I hired cheetahs to replace the raccoons I had to let go.

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