(neighborhood hang)

after a round trip to indiana this afternoon, i’m on the docket to help braden move from his lakeshore drive condo to his new bigger and better condo in the ukrainian village.

this new condo is two and half blocks away from where i live.

this, understandably, kicks ass.

i think my eagerness to help him move kind of surprised him, but in the face of losing my girl cha-rule to san diego and a recent bought of completely dogsh*t luck with regards to my car and my neck and my general preference to not have urine and fecal matter on me, a best friend moving in down the street is about the best news i’ve had since…well…since a few of you asked me out in the comments to my last post.

so beginning this weekend, i’ll have a scotch-drinking bachelor cohort here in the Park that is Wicked, although that also means that i’ll have to watch the girls around here fall deeply in Crush with another man…an acceptable alternative to driving across town to witness the same thing happen in lakeview.

i’ll just keep crushing on you bloggers, if that’s alright.

and i’m off to indiana, the land of fast food chains, down to earth attitudes, and potholes.

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