(ninja fish)

my youngest sister is moving to japan.

i’m pretty sure i mentioned that in january when she had a birthday, but as the world turns this whole other side of the world thing is looking a lot more likely.

it’s not a done deal, by any means, but having pursued certain programs over there and waiting to see what her choices will be, i think the ‘decision’ at the top level’s been made.

which is crazy cool.

but it completely and fully necessitates a trip to japan, which isn’t something you decide to do without planning it way ahead of time.


last night i had some killer sushi with couch, and she mentioned two must happens during my time over in japan.

first, a restaurant staffed entirely by fully trained ninjas. as in, it takes years to become a ninja and this restaurant hires them to serve food. assuming you haven’t had food served by a group of men who could take over the world if they felt like it, this seems like something worth paying for. as couch put it, “i’d eat cheese and bread the entire trip to make this happen”.

second, a spa in which doctor fish eat the dead skin off of you. it’s called fish reflexology, and i figure that after eating a meal served by ninjas, making myself the meal should round out the trip nicely.

what else is there to do in asia?

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