(not quite artistic)

nine minutes and i’m off to the gym and then back to work.

i get into the office when i’m late around 8am and when i’m early by 7am, but since i usually work until about 7pm i figure it’s all fair in the end.

my PC laptop broke and my macbook didn’t, which is something i’ll leave for you to figure out because i figured it out a long time ago. problem is that work work work stuff is all PC based, and i just explained why that’s a problem, unless i’m in the office plugged into my desktop computer.

it’s like digital handcuffs.

thing is i just need a new wireless card but no wireless card companies or best buys in the area have offered to give me a free wifi card because they’re not ingenious enough to see how much marketing leverage a move like that would make for whatever the cost would be…what, like $30?

and speaking of work, which i don’t speak about on this blog or on twitter except for once when techically i had a few hours before my new gig launched, the worlds are coming closer together.

as i work with younger people, i hope that if you wonderful, enlightened, tech-savvy clients read this or twitter or anything artistically branded under the “d” or “dblogged” monnikor* and you understand that the passtime (the blog) and the day job (you) are mutually exclusive and i actually work very hard at both.

which brings up the question to all of you: how do these two worlds interact for you? would you change it in any way?

*i use the term ‘artistically’ very, VERY loosely.

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