(old friends)

yesterday’s post, which was really a copy and paste job on an email i sent to one of my best times a thousand girlfriends from college, garnered a lot of very flattering compliments but more importantly a lot of ruminations on love and friendship, which is so subtly major in the way that it brings out people’s verbalization of oft internalized dreams and romance.

to be clear (which isn’t always my intention) the A who received that email was my confidante as college wore on, and as she lives and works in washington dc we’ve spent the last few years catching one another here and there all over the country when we can…the last hang being our five year reunion in october 07, i believe.

i think a few of you thought i’d been keeping a girlfriend on the down low.


this is a picture from my ten year highschool reunion, since we’re speaking of reunions, and i have to get to wisconsin at the moment.

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