(one more double)

i’m writing this on tuesday night.

i was going to answer some of the questions left in my comments, or possibly ruminate on why i have had numerous missed calls from numbers i don’t recognize from all over the country lately and how maybe the internet learned my phone number.

but then i realized it’s my buddy kizzle’s birthday!

yeah he’s two days older than me and as you probably remember we throw joint birthday parties because two times awesome is awesomest.

one year ago on this blog:

as you know, i share my birthday weekend with a buddy of mine.

there’s a day in between our birth dates, and today is it.

if you believe in astrology, i’m not sure what that means. maybe that we’re destined to get along. maybe we’re missing a third friend, who was born today.

maybe our parents did it on valentine’s day in 1979.

my buddy is ryan, but we call him kizz.

kizz was one of few in our group who managed to get outta illinois and headed to ohio for college.

he brought us back another friend as a souvenir. the friend’s name’s will.

will now gets to be all our friends.

kizz and i grew up maybe four miles from one another. he played baseball and football, i played soccer. he’s now a pretty darn good golfer…i’m not.

the kid’s incredibly up front about most things, and i think that quality adds a lot to a group dynamic. when something needs bein’ said, kizz will usually say it.

this may get some heat around town, but on some level kizz is one of the few left in our group who’s single, and ladies if you’re reading, you’re missing out on a great guy.

his loyalty is unquestioned.

he actually dated someone i’d dated once, and there’s no doubts about who she liked better.

it’s the only defeat to him i’ll openly admit:)

and i just realized that claiming he’s better for you ladies than me may not be saying much…but i do mean it, ya’ll are missin’ out.

kizz keeps his friends close, and i’m really lucky to be one of them.

kizzle’s 28th year was really good to him, as he’s got a killer girlfriend and he just bought a condo right down the street from me with a roofdeck the size of delaware and he has a new job that i think he likes.

in short, he’s dominated me this year.

happy birthday kizzle.

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