(one more time)

if you haven’t told someone that you loved them, and meant it romantically, well, get that heart out of your chest and let it smell the roses.

my curiousity lately has been as to how many times people have said those rock solid three words to someone else.

i remember the first time i told chalise that i loved her.  but honestly i’m not sure about you guys but when i was in junior high and early high school everything important was written in a note.

notes were the original internet, people.

so we’d pass notes and pass more notes and someone would pass notes for us so all my relationships prior to probably mid highschool were conducted in a big way through the written word.   i was (and am) a packrat so i’ve got a lot of those notes.

yeah, i’m pushing thirty and i have notes from junior high.

anyway, all i’m saying is there’s definitely a chance that the first time i said i love you to someone i said it in a note.

but i’ve said those words to a short list of women, and i’ve meant it every time.

i’m certainly not romantically in love with any of those four women anymore.  i care for all of them in a special way, without question.

the outcome of my relationships is one of the things i dig about myself, if you must know, unlike, say…oh i don’t know…my tendency to lose nearly everything i own that’ll fit in my pocket.

but i have no regrets about the love thing.  i’ve always taken it quite seriously, and for you close friends out there who’ve heard me tell you that i love you because i consider you a forever friend, well, i take that pretty seriously too.

dudes don’t have to feel left out.  usually it’s ‘love you, man’ or ‘love yer buns’; but the sentiment’s the same.

but as for the real deal romance holyfield…

i suppose there’s one more three word combo out there somewhere in the future, right?

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