(our fourth of july party)

i didn’t tell you about my fourth of july.

that morning, i attempted to get all my ducks in order so that i wouldn’t feel so horrible about myself on saturday morning after what i knew had the potential to be a blowout evening. those ducks included taking branner to the dog park for his first multi-dog experience ever* and going on a long, long run, with the thought that if i still had any alcohol in my system from the ten days spent drinking in the mountains, this long, long run would get it out.

branner got his *ss whooped at the dog park for about an hour, during which he yelped once as an enormous mutt decided he didn’t like pretty boys. it was all good…pretty soon everydog realized he was a bumbling idiot and humored his by play fighting.

the run was excruciating, which pissed me off because i was doing 4 to 6 miles a day IN THE MOUNTAINS for a week…chicago doesn’t even have ant hills and i was unimpressed with myself. i hit about 6 miles and started thinking about beer so that was that.

on (at about 3pm) to the party jigglin was hosting on his rooftop in lincoln park**, where i literally walked up four flights of stairs, said hello, and found myself walking back down to go run errands with braden and jigglin. after costco was closed***, we hit up a grocery store where i was instructed to buy 25 oranges.

back to the condo where we dragged 20 oranges (braden and i compromised with jigglin on the final count) and 12 2-liter bottles of pop/soda**** up the aforementioned 4 flights of stairs to the rooftop where i planted myself for the next, oh, 10 hours drinking.

people started arriving around 6:30pm, which gave us some personal time with the four kegs and fully stocked bar and sunshine and appetizers…by about 7pm the main crew was well on our way and stuffed with snacks, but still eagerly awaiting the grillmaster and his disgustingly huge box of prepared meats.

of which i missed out on the ribs and don’t wanna talk about it.

my sister came with her friends, hell everyone came except YOU*****, in fact even some randoms from the section 8 housing across fullerton made their way up late night, where they found the original crew from the 3pm set-up still mixing drinks and (embarassingly) dancing their *sses off.

it was all just as classy as it sounds.

*multi-dog experience sounds dirty.
**it pains me that fullerton and ashland is considered lincoln park. pretty soon roosevelt and state will be lincoln park. milwaukee, wisconsin will be considered lincoln park.
***good idea costco. close on the 4th.
****tomato, tamata.
*****and since i am sure i twittered an invite to the world, don’t say you weren’t invited.

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