(our mirror)

there are times when you take a step back from your day and realize that a day means a little more than the day before and will have a pretty tangible affect on the day that follows it.

today’s one of those days.

for a while now i’ve been of the mind that history will look back on recent american history with kinder eyes than the ones that spend this morning anticipating the moment at which it becomes our past.

a man leaves the presidential office with a fanfare almost single-minded in its desire for his departure. he’ll fly home surrounded by family and he’ll fly home with a nation looking right past him at their pinnacle of hope and change with lofty expectations and a sense of relief that today has finally come.

but regardless of our look back on these grey american days there is no question that we sit in our offices and flock to the mall in washington dc and we witness the ceremonious recognition of a momentous paradigm shift in not just our perception of america but in our perception of what our government should represent.

today we all look in one direction.

today we all think about tomorrow, and what it might become.

today the world welcomes a new face to its helm and in that face we look for our potential.

today that face becomes our mirror.

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