(pama martinis and chocolate yummies)

there’s really nothing like unfamiliar faces in familiar places.

last night’s chicago blogger meetup at the waterhouse in lakeview was a resounding success.

a killer time.

a reminder that reading the things someone else writes isn’t an act of duty. it’s not a lonely endeavor. it’s an engagement, and the real people behind all that literary crafting are just as interesting and funny and quirky as their words are.

to kiss the cook.
big time fancy.
places never planned.
free and flawed.

oh, and they’re all women, apparently.

as somi and pb razz and cheryl said, the get together was really great.

these women are vibrant and funny and beautiful.

they tell stories the way they write, and they tell great stories.

and later into the night, when chalise showed up and i nearly tore her in half with a hug (as it was the first time i’d seen her) all of my new blogging friends understood my excitement.

i’ll say more later, but i wanted to make sure that everyone who i was lucky enough to meet last night knew this:

you are all truly wonderful people. i feel very lucky to have met you.

tomorrow i’ll have pictures from last night, and, of course…

a pretty big announcement.

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