(parents in asia)

there’s something about this picture that makes my heart push against my ribs.

my adorable mother just got back from japan, visiting my sister, on a trip that her and my father almost didn’t take when my father was told a month ago that he’d have to have surgery on a nerve complication in his back.

my parents hadn’t left the united states until their recent adult life, after having sent me overseas numerous times as a kid who didn’t realize how lucky that made him.

i remember being so excited for them to go then but i was especially excited for them to get to see asia, some forty to fifty years after they thought that new york city was the world and the world was new york city.  moving to the suburbs of chicago from their urban jungle upbringing was especially hard on my mom, and now she’s been around the world full circle.  that’s so wonderful i could cry.

my sisters and i have always appreciate our parents, but not as much as we have in recent years as we all become adults together and they settle into their empty nester life in the home we were raised in.

the loss of two of my very favorite uncles in the last two years has highlighted the realization for all of us that time is passing every day, and there will be a day when we don’t have them down the street to confide in, laugh with, and poke fun at.  they buy us dinner a lot too, and i only hope i’m as diligent about staying on top of wordly issues when i don’t have my dad to mentally wrestle with.

morbid thoughts aside, we’re lucky to be at this point in our lives, all of us.

us kids have our parents gracefully aging right before us, a demonstration of what to aim for, a snapshot of how you become yourself.

mom and dad just flew across the world and saw their baby daughter teaching children about america, living and working in a rural area of distant asia with a huge smile on her face and a self-confidence about the world that you only get once you’ve been all over it.

how great would it be to see your baby daughter like that?

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