whenever something crazy happens in politics i make a point to watch my tivo’d episode of jon stewart either that very night or the next night, because his best jokes are always after a day of preparation…it’s just the reality of a daily show.

same reason no one read the newspaper anymore…it’s a day old.

but jon always does funny and insightful, so people watch his show and he’s not going bankrupt like our local newspaper.

point is, if you haven’t seen his segment on the next generation choosing between a career as the governor of illinois or just going out and committing murder, snag it on youtube. you’re less likely to go to jail as a murderer these days, which is sad but not all that surprising when you consider the people we elect to that office.

last night while i was sleeping i got emails from two VIPs.

the first was bossy, from iambossy, who kind of blew me away by replying to an email i wrote her yesterday and also by doing so at like 3 in the morning. that woman stays up late.

then i got an email from the CEO of js-kit, who as you know is not exactly my favorite person right now, but was nice enough to copy me on an email in which he asked one of his employees or tech hounds to help me out with my comment system issue.

so when i got in the car and drove to work today i started thinking a few things, the first being ‘goddamnit i bet js-kit’s website won’t work again from work today even though it works at home’ and then ‘why aren’t i using wordpress?’ and then ‘what keeps me at google and blogger; it was picasa and i love gmail but picasa is full now’.

but then look at what showed up in my office:

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