let’s talk politics.

let’s first send a huge thanks to joy, who i texted from the illinois/iowa state line yesterday when it dawned on me that i don’t have people i dig guestblog here, and i should…especially when i’m round-tripping iowa in one day. joy and i met quite randomly before we realized we were both bloggers…and joy is a better-looking, better-written blogger than i am, if you were wondering.

now don’t worry…i’m not going to play favorites here. i’m not going to pick a side and i’m not going to wax on about any particular policy, foundational belief, or issue stance has more merit than another.

here’s my thing.

for whatever reason, plenty of them valid, politics brings out the worst in people. let me clarify that by saying that i think that uninformed opinion waltzing with emotionally-charged idealism is a very unattractive human state. i have no problem with idealists, and i claim to be one. i don’t have a problem with people who have their opinions and defend them, informed or not. ‘informed’ is in the eye of the beholder anyway, often.

the combination, however, makes for an ugly monster, and frequently that monster is evidenced by childish rhetoric. claims with no substance. insults throw across the aisle. nuanced observations about an opposing candidate.

go back and look at the twitter stream during mccain’s speech last night for evidence.
turn on your radio or listen to your local anchormen and women summarize either convention. sit around in starbucks for five minutes.

it’s ridiculous.

it’s depressing, actually, that adults can’t seem to find the poise necessary to talk about one of the most integral and meaningful institutions in our society (namely the government) in an intelligent way.

i’m sorry, but intelligent conversation (or debate, for that matter) is largely devoid of emotion. a rational decision-making process is a concerted effort to push emotion out the door.

and if you’re wondering…yes…i do think that the candidates themselves have the right to jab one another. i think that right is reserved exclusively for them, and each voter can interpret those jabs and attacks however they please.

if you want to attack either candidate on anything but their political merit, and in that vein if you plan to do so as if you’re stating a fact…i can promise you one thing: i’ll respect your opinion infinitely less.

people seem to forget that both sides are right, and both sides are wrong. both are good and both are bad.

and there aren’t just two sides to this.

all that aside, i’ve found this election up to this point to be competely fascinating.

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