(pseudo babysis)

it’s this little girl’s birthday today.

this pretty little girl was always walking around looking just like this.

hands on her hips, big devious smile.

the pretty little genius got what what she wanted because she was sharp and adorable and wearing a bow in her long golden locks and you know what if you even tried to resist you’d either get a double dose of charm or if you caught her in a spot you’d get a double dose of tantrum.

this is cha-rule’s little sister, and she’s my pseudo babysis.

stach had to grow up in the wake of a young woman that would cause nearly anyone to disappear underwater in no time, and she stands so tall and so proud and so shiny that her big sister hasn’t mentioned the girl in years without mention of her effortless success in the little experiment we all call Life.

cha and stach and their youngest sister halers are all quite honestly the most aesthetically fortunate young woman any troupe of sisters could possibly be, and their parents are such principaled, authentic, old school individuals that they all find themselves in possession of those kickers that come harder but mean more; character and charisma.

but what makes stach stand out is her smile, which literally hits you like a b*tch slap in its honestly and unmistakenly conveys the deepest sense of happiness…stach grew into a hilarious little ball of determination, work ethic, and fun when i throw her into the mix with my own sisters i start to wonder what went wrong with us oldies!

she’s a glowing blondie with a husband you ladies would kill for, who over beers i might concede is actually more awesome smart funny or good looking than his wife…

if it weren’t for my having known her long enough to see the little bugger grow up and the fact that i’ve seen her temper tantrums and i know their in their somewhere and i’m not that kind of risk taker.

this wonderful couple is the kind that makes other people happier, always.  the kind that becomes five people when they’re together, not two.  the kind that has true love figured out and has it figured out in the way that their true love includes a long list of incredible people they both make a huge effort to bring inside their fortune.

this wonderful couple is bringing a baby into their world of fresh air and laughter and that might be the most beautiful thing i could say about them.

i can’t wait to meet your little one, stach.

and happy birthday, with all my heart.

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