apart from the literal insanity that is a puppy, they are pretty much insanely adorable.

it took me a good five minutes to type that sentence.

he’s gonna have to get used to the clicky clack of the laptop, which is a ridiculous thing to say, i know, but just one statement in a long list of statements i’ve made to branner during our first 36 hours together.

ridiculous statements…all of them…because their recipient is about as rational and predictable as we might expect life on another planet to be.

in fact, branner is literally without emotional and hormonal control. he’s slave to his internal fluctuation, which causes him to bounce around in circles and nip at my belt loops one second and sleep like a rock the next. the whole cycle lasts a matter of 20 minutes, with longer stretches of dead weight unconsciousness.

the sleeping, aside from it’s more obvious benefits (quiet time for daddy!) actually packs its own little treats. during his first nap (while on the drive home) he let out a little bark, obviously dreaming. i kinda died. now, his naps are riddled with woofs and whimpers and restless legs, and it makes you feel like you’re watching this little creature grow at a pace that’s frantic even for him.

he’s attached to my hip, and fully trusting of me. and wholeheartedly committed to the notion that i’m his safety net. i’m happy to see him relatively adjusted to the pack separation he’s just been put through, although the minute i disappear it’s like the world might end.

he’s not a fan of his crate yet, and if under some amazing coincidence my downstairs neighbor is reading this: i’m so sorry…i don’t now how something so little can make so much noise. please use that cell number i’ve given you.

all in all things are going well. we’re working together. learning one another.

and i’ll be uploading more photos soon:)

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