(puppy crack)

there’s a reason my last post was sans puppy pictures.

it’s that i can’t find my f*cking camera battery charger, which (of course) disappeared the second branner appeared.

right now he’s decided china’s underneath my ass on the couch, and is doing his best to dig his way to some sweet and sour chicken.

when i picked him up last weekend i’m not sure who was more scared, him or me. we got in the car, him in the passenger seat, and took off, headed for my parent’s house and my dog-crazed mother. branner looked up at me with those big blues and basically just wanted to know what was going on. i looked at him (with MY big blues, ahem) and basically just digested the idea of keeping this little guy alive.

so far daddy and son are alive and adjusting pretty well to one another. i’m home base when things get scary. he’s happy as a pig in sh*t when i show up after disappearing into thin air like the magical creature that i happen to be.

people ask, “how’s branner!?” and my general mental response is, “he’s a batsh*t insane crack-addicted three-year old with the short-term memory of a flea. oh, and i love him.”

as for introductions, a whole slew of my friends are yet to meet the little psycho, and i just realized while writing this that the tally outside of my immediate family is:

childhood friends: 2
bloggers i’ve met recently: 2

that’s right; couch and jessi have both met branner.

so have cha-rule and brady, to their credit.

but this weekend will be the unveiling, and i’m sure the speech branner’s been preparing will entertain and inform.

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