(puppy spray)

branner, my new vizsla puppy, has a few different moods that are becoming consistent.
the predominant mood is a mix of curiosity and shark.

basically while branner’s feeling like a curious shark he’s focused on biting the things that he can see. when the target of this chewing fights back or or yells, “NO“, it’s interpreted as encouragement. if the subject of this mouthy attack just moves across the room and ignores branner, he will most likely bark. i usually just respond with, “bark with your purse, sissy.”

that mood has subsided a bit over the last 72 hours, and it’s been replaced with a much preferred, much sweeter demeanor characterized by a lot of laying around and running into mirrors.

that audacious vizsla puppy in the mirror (i have a mirrored wall in my bedroom*) is STILL taunting branner and in order to establish dominance he’s taken to hopping into the mirror with his teeth out only to be smacked in the face by the…mirror.

there’s light barking involved, but the other puppy seems to be playing the repeat game right on cue.

the only other consistent mood we’ve seen here at Casa del D and Branner is dead tired.

which is obviously when most of the pictures are taken of said puppy**, and which usually includes a sort of exhausted moan on every exhale which seems to suggest something along the lines of, “do you have ANY IDEA how much WORK IT IS TO BE ME?”

or, “could i get a massage or SOMETHING because i’m SO TIRED…did you HEAR how TIRED I AM because if not I’LL CONTINUE MOANING.”

i’m combating the less desirable moments (involving sharp puppy teeth) with a little of branner’s own medicine, moaning dramatically at the same time that he does so he knows how TOUGH MY DAY WAS TOO.

it confuses him, and if you hadn’t heard; confusion means QUIET in the world of puppy.

i’m not, as you might assume, biting back when the little guy is in shark mode…

no, i’m not quite as confident as to whether i’d win that battle outright.

instead, i’ve attained the upper hand in our epic battle for APLHA DOG del Casa by employing a mix of yelling and SPRAYING HIM INTO A CORNER with a water bottle.

which branner would prefer NOT EVER EVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

*bawmp chicka bowwwwow.

**in the interest of, you know, still having a camera.

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