(quarter a pin)

on saturday i’d organized a little dinner for some of my local buddies who have befriended a phenomenal girlfriend of mine from san diego as she came to town to lurk around northwestern’s campus for a few days.

she wants to go to kellogg, so if you can help her get in let me know.

saturday was her night to play downtown, so we planned a dinner in wicker park and eventually ended up at northside grill when piece was jam packed to the gills. there’s always cuties at northside so don’t give me hell about it.

before dinner kizzle and frazzle and i decided to get a quick roll in, so we met up at seven-ten and strapped on bowling shoes.

if you’re keeping score i’ve been bowling quite a bit lately.

my first few rolls of the fall season have gone pretty well, if you drop out last weekend when i didn’t even recall bowlnig until the next evening. otherwise i’ve been competitive, with a few dominating performances.

on saturday, we had time for three matches, and after two the three of us were all within a few pins of one another, so we decided to make it interesting.

“quarter a pin?” kizzle asked.

“it’ll be like $5 max…20 pins is a lot between us. sure.” i said.

“sure.” frazzle.

i opened up with three strikes and a spare.

and i ran off with an 80 pin destruction of frazzle that really just got worse and worse each frame.

it was a bit gut wrenching, and i think only 20 pins for kizzle, which left frazzle licking his wounds all throughout dinner.

when dinner ended, one of our girlfriends at the table topped our little pre-dinner bowling wager.

“let’s play credit card roulette!” she said, having never played and sporting this mischevious smirk on her face like she wanted some risk for dessert.

after plenty of back and forth, we all committed.

and who got stuck with the bill?


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