(questions questions)

i want to sincerely thank you guys for being such good sports last week when i had you answer those questions rolling around inside my brain. blogs can be so one-sided sometimes…but you all stepped up to bat, and that means you’re great.

don’t think i don’t know a few of you who just lurked that post. weaksauce. totally weaksauce.

anyway, you asked me some questions, and made some suggestions, and i want to address all that.

but first, let me answer my own questions…to make it fair.

1)what are you doing while you read my blog?

while this is awkwardly worded as a question to myself, i’m usually reading my blog to make sure i said what i want to say. oh, and to cock my head to side and look at the blog aesthetically and wonder how i could make it more awesome looking.

2) do you remember your first kiss? was it good?

i remember my first good and bad kiss, and they weren’t far apart. the first was with someone i can’t believe i kissed, and it was disgusting. i actually remember thinking i’d rather kiss her friend who was watching us.

the first good mini-make out was right in front of our junior high school and she was a pro already. franco’d kissed her already, which i know annoyed me and i know was not contributive to her expertise.

3) do you blog? link a post you wrote in the last two weeks that you really like, or if you’re lazy just say, “the one about…”.

the post i dig from the last 14 days is the one i wrote about resigning, which i’d posted before i even called my family.

4) boxers or briefs? thong or panties (for lack of a better word)?

i like that a lot of you answered this like it was two questions. i’ll do the same. boxers…i don’t own briefs. and thongs…although boy shorts are an unforeseen response i can’t believe i hadn’t suggested.

5) laptop or desktop? mac or pc?

i owned three laptops until last friday. now i own one of each…a blue monster and a macbook. i like them both, if i’m completely honest with myself. i like the mac more if i let my design mind pick.

6) what would make d-blogged better?

more readers might make d-blogged better, but i can’t be sure. you guys rock. d-blogged would also be better if it came with free coffee.

7) is there anything i’ve left up in the air in past posts?
anything you wonder about me?

i do wonder where this recent bout of good samaratin-ism has come from.

okay, now i’m off to put together some responses to your responses.

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