(red sweatshirt)

from: d
to: A
date: Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 11:03 AM
loved ya since your birthday

oh, man.

you’re a really difficult person to be enamored with.

there’s really only so many ways you can tell someone that merely the way they are in their natural state is one of the most beautiful and wonderful things you’ve been fortunate enough to witness firsthand. aside from open mouth kissing you for a week i’m not sure i have many options left, when you consider the fact that i’ve participated in full-stage dance productions of the backstreet boys’ i want it that way in your exclusive honor (or, on your lap, as i remember it) and the fact that i send you an email or a text message at intermittant intervals hoping to remind you that i love you dearly. i’ll never be able to let go of you, and i hope you’re prepared for that.

the difficulty lies in the knowledge that your wonder is no secret, and your physical proximity to me every day and night is, well…not ideal. there are times at which i wish that the world wasn’t so in need of your ability and your mind, and that you might spend the majority of your time simply walking around the world with me laughing about its quirks.

we all have dreams, i suppose.

i know in that past i’ve attempted to quantify just how much you move me, and i’m certainly using your birthday as an excuse to do it again, but as we have taken up lives in two different cities and may always have to reach across distances to remain a part of one another’s lives, i humlby put these unabated compliments at your feet.

you are sharp, sexy, and so incredibly full of life and laughter that i look at you and i see a person that just vibrates. i miss our conversations, of course, but most of all i miss your perspective. you so humanly experience your emotions and so gracefully stand in the center of a huge network of diverse relationships that your vantage point paired with your intellectual brilliance makes yours an unmatched and irreplaceable opinion. i’ve trusted you with my deepest needs and questions, and i’d do it again tomorrow.

your smile makes me smile…your happiness makes my heart pump. you’ll always be one of my best friends, and today, on your birthday, every song is about you.

i love you.
happy birthday!

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