(sacrifice and pancakes)

this morning i stopped into my favorite local bakery, alliance for a cafe au lait and found mayhem.

it’s a busy coffee shop, because they create masterpiece baked goods, but this was unusual.

i stepped up to the (rather cute) girl behind the counter and she took my order. i threw a turkey and swiss croissant in for good measure.

during my order, three people asked her if they had pancakes.


and her response?

she told them they’d sold out of 800 pancakes about an hour ago. which means it was in the first hour of business.

i had a confused look on my face.

do you?

cuz if you don’t, that means you know it’s pancake day.

and maybe you’d forgot it’s fat tuesday?

and apparently the two of them are related, and it’s traditional to munch on some pancakes today in many countries around the world, as part of the celebrations prior to tomorrow’s ash wednesday and lent kick off.


during which i’m going to make some sacrifices:

1) i’m not going to hit snooze in the morning.

2) i’m going to stop after one cup of coffee.

3) i’m not going to drive to my downtown office unless it’s unavoidably necessary.

this should all benefit my health, wallet, and general progress in the coming few weeks, and at the same time make me acceptably miserable here and there (mostly in the morning).

i’m not content with this list though.

what are your seasonal sacrifices? what changes are you making these days to get things rolling?

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