(san diego airport)



i love airports. love them.

i know that’s a slightly unconventional thing to say, especially when it’s uttered by someone who actively despises flying, but airports are about as stimulating an environment to hang out in as anything else i can imagine. it’s like an all-ages club mixed with a day care centers mixed with a rock concert mixed with a zoo, and you can buy coffee and shitty food and witness the range of human emotion in a span of less than ten seconds.

i just looked around and saw two people crying, a little girl screaming bloody murder, three couples kiss and two people yelling at one another.

you can’t get that in a movie or a bar.

in particular i like the california airports. there’s a few reasons for this, the most chauvinist one being the (possibly perceived) increased number of beautiful women sauntering around.

but there’s also the asians, which remind me of my college days, which warms me up a bit inside. this is some weird form of racism, i’m sure.

immediately off the plane i bought myself a big coffee and sat down to wait for brady, who should be landing any minute. coffee at 9pm (chicago time – i just earned myself two free hours, by the way!) isn’t necessarily the most nutritionally responsible idea, but what better way to kick up the rush of energy i get when my feet hit west coast soil than to chug some caffeine, right?

vacation means self-abuse, usually.

every time i’m in an airport, i buy a book.

this has been a tradition for me since the days when i’d travel around the country as a soccer player*…i think because the bookstores in airports were the only place i could kill some time before boarding flights that didn’t make me want to kill myself. it’s stuck with me, and every trip that’s involved a flight has added a book to my collection.

i write the destination and date in each book cover. i buy the book at the beginning of each trip.

in a way it makes me feel like i’ve already gotten something from each trip…back when i was flying to LA each month to work on the set of a terrible game show filmed there, this was about all i got from the travel.

in another way, it sort of contains my literary purchases…i know i’ll be buying books at somewhat regular intervals, and thus don’t really hit up borders all that often.**

today i purchased ‘in defense of food’…which looks to be a great read, based on its introduction. it’s a lot of info i already knew (we’ll get into my nutritional upbringing on another day), but for me it’s reading like an affirmation of the way i approach what i eat. and hey, i’m all for affirmation of my own way of thinking.

now at the moment…i’m thinking it’s time to get into some southern california.

if you’re in san diego, get a hold of me!***

*as i was typing right here, a girl so hot she’d melt ice cream walked by.

**used bookstores are a whole different animal…if i walk in the door i’m walkin’ out with at least four books.

***the sad reality is that anyone who wants to get a hold of me quickly and can’t find a way to do that should cease participating in the internet.

is there any form of social media/online community/synced media/net-provided instant access on earth that i’m not listed on? all of which immediately contact me on all the other hubs and email me and make my cellphone vibrate?

i’m easier to track down than a glass of water.

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