(san diego revisited)

the edward hopper exhibition ends on saturday, and i haven’t seen it.

i want to. i’m thinking friday sometime after lunch. join me.

the main concern this weekend, however, is the arrival of my dear friend SauSau from san diego. you may remember the band’s trip to san diego.

Sau took us all over san diego, first to pacific beach then to del mar and she’s the reason i stayed another day and switched my flight while i was standing on the beach.

my buddies fell in love with her and decided she needed sunglasses so they bought her some, because she wouldn’t buy them for herself.

when we’re all together we tend to wear our sunglasses.

so she’s in town saturday, and we want to take her to a delicious and fun dinner, followed by a deliciously fun after-hours venue.

i want your help.

what are your favorite spots in chicago for entertaining out of towners?

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