(saturday with nana)

this is the first time all year i’ve left this blog dormant for seven straight days.

i’m back again from new york where i wasn’t visiting any crushes, kiddos, i was at a family wedding.

i flew out early saturday and i caught a cab to jackson heights, in queens, to hang with my grandmother for a few hours before an early dinner gathering of our cousins and family. my parents and sister were arriving later and i had plan to work out a laundry list of open technological issues for our dear nana.

my grandma…the only one i’ve got left…is a remarkable woman who’s traditional views and sharp wit make for quite a conversation. a lot of intensly conservative people in our oldest generation are a bit removed from the realities of today, or simply wish nothing had ever changed. those conversations tend to end as soon as they start, for lack of common ground, or simply due to the unfortunate fact that human aging doesn’t always bode well for mental capacity.

nana’s different, and her strong views are mediated by a curiousity about why the world looks like it does. she reads the paper every day and she firmly remembers her past, which gives her cognizance and relevance.

we chatted for a while about current events and the political environment, before tackling her cell phone and internet issues, whcih turned out to be less painful than you’d expect when you’re teaching someone well past 80 years old about today’s technology.

we walked through jackson heights to dinner at her favorite restaurant, a place called armando’s which focuses entirely on her every second she’s in their establishment. the servers, at this point, even remember me despite the fact that i’m only there twice a year. our party of 15 ate like royalty over the course of four hours, before saying our temporary goodbyes amidst the bustle of 37th avenue.

we had a huge, italian-style wedding ahead of us.

this weekend i cut myself off…i left my laptops at home and brought along a cell phone with no internet service for a three-day visit.

the world didn’t end.

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