(save by a rebel)

friday and saturday both started with mayhem before i’d gotten out of bed.

thursday night, as i twittered, i stopped into the soft opening of rebel, the newest bar opened by our host with most*, danny latino.

needless to say, the vip treatment was wonderful, the bar was free all night, and we saw lots of familiar faces, including my brother from another mother, murph. murph and i went to school together…like…all of it, every year, until we stopped going to school.

seeing him out is always a blast, and within the confines of such a welcome scene even better. he’d actually invented two drinks earlier in the night, so we sampled what we could on the limited supply behind danny’s new bar.

but friday, first thing, i woke up to crisis. fifteen thousand phone call four hour crisis.

which, you know, is someone’s way of making me earn st. patty’s day.

friday evening i tagged along with cha-rule and her boy to her little sister’s birthday party at martini park. i suppose it goes without saying how much i love cha’s little sister, based on the fact that i’ve known her since she was like three feet tall and she’s as cool as her big sister.

and then.

saturday, bright and early, crisis!

this time it was a few kegs and no specialized tappers. we order guinness and harp for this particular holiday, each of which needs it’s own specialized tapper (apparently), and since someone was making me earn my st. patty’s day, jigglin had arrived at the liquor store to be told they didn’t have what we needed.

and to come FULL CIRCLE.

guess who bailed us out?

that’s right.

danny latino.

as you can see from the picture, the day worked out. my littest sis and i had a blast.

go to rebel if you get a chance. or if you find yourself stranded on clark street near wrigley…he’ll take care of you, and he’s one of the few people trying to run bars in this city that actually deserves our business.

so…what’s up for the rest of march, people?

*the host with the most who hosted our chicago blogger meetup in february.

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