Scale Goodness

But the best thing you can do for the green effort is to scale. If your business is essentially different from your competitors' because you have an element of green in it, that's good. But what would be great is if you figured out how to scale green.

In business, the greatest challenge is to scale without diluting too much the very essence of your core idea. Walmart scaled cheap value for suburbia. McDonald's scaled consistent quality fast food. Starbucks scaled expensive coffee in a luxury environment. By scaling, these organizations spread their ideas all over the place and changed the world.

If you can't figure out how to scale, you can't bring your core idea to the masses.

The greatest challenge today for aspiring green entrepreneurs is to scale.

via SAMBA Blog.

I’m extremely fortunate to witness the first batch of scalable businesses devoted to social good. I hope we’re one of them.

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