(scary stuff)

i have some very old friends from when i was less than four and half feet tall, and they are two beautiful twins who moved away from our little suburban town while a long time ago.

they are friends who reconnected with thanks to facebook.  but what’s made them different than other old acquiantences that i’ve ‘connected’ with via facebook is their blogs.

erika writes a wonderful blog called urban grace interiors that’s focused on her eye for interior design, and darby writes an equally beautiful blog about her family called fly through my window.  they have a huge devoted following and write about one another constantly; both share their lives in a way that any personal blogger would admire.

as you might expect, the fact that we all blog has made it a lot easier to keep in touch, and it almost surprises me that i probably have seen either one of them in at least 15 years.

thing is, erika’s husband took a pretty serious fall yesterday, and the girls have been updating their friends and family on his head injury through their blogs.

please keep them in your thoughts.

it does seem like he will be okay, but some excerpt from their updates reflect what a scary experience it all was:

“Yesterday morning Chance left for work at his usual time 7:15.  He left home totally normal.  I don’t go into my office til about 8:30, so when he called the house at 8:15 I was home.  The conversation we had was very odd.  He said he didn’t feel right, was having conversations he couldn’t remember, and his eye was swelling shut, nose was bleeding, and he just felt really weird.  My husband has NEVER taken a sick day. ”

“He mentioned that when he got to work that he raised the garage door up on the side of their office bldg just high enough to run under (it was pouring rain) and that perhaps he didn’t raise it high enough and bumped his head.  I started to piece things together, he did have a big knot on the back of his head (which earlier I concluded must have been a 2nd spider bite).  Darby called back and said she was going to call the ER to tell them we were on our way.”

“He has had a CT scan at the local hospital and it shows some bleeding in his brain. He is awake and aware of what is going on but unable to recall any events of the morning.”

“We covet your prayers.”

“After a CT scan and an hour or two in the local ER they decided to transfer us to Pensacola.  Airlift was preferred, but not gonna happen because of the rain.  So they called the ambulance.  The ambulance wouldn’t take him because of tornado warnings.”

“He still doesn’t remember the incident with the garage door, other than maybe not ducking as low as he should have.  He must have hit it and then fallen back to the concrete is all we can gather.  He remembers very little about yesterday morning and it’s an absolute miracle that he was able to drive himself home from work.”

“The doctor hopes that the bleed will heal itself, and we do too.  More than likely surgery will not be necessary. “

“The doctor confidently said that Chance will fully recover from this with no damage to his brain, just his ego. He will be in the hospital at least until Sunday and then will have to take it very easy for 30 days and they will closely monitor him during that time.

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