(see it right)

life is about perspective.

i tend to think that i look at my life in a pretty positive way due to the fact that i look at my life in a pretty positive way. point is i’m not sure if anyone else thinks my life’s been good or bad, but i think at times i could choose to look at it like it sucks.

don’t get me wrong i’m undoubtedly fortunate. i grew up in pleasantville and i went to stanford and i have a great family and the best friends and i’m healthy and i got to play soccer for the united states and do lots of other things people would probably really dig doing.

i’ve met the coolest people ever.

but it all comes down to what lens you look through. i feel lucky to have a lens (99% of the time) that sharpens the good and dulls the bad.

earlier this week i lost an uncle who used to look up from his beach chair, shirtless, with his big round belly glistening with sunburn, and with a crafty smile ask me when the last time i put on shoes was.

when we were kids he’d revel in the joy of picking our brains with misleading questions to the pure ends of making a joke he knew would make us laugh.

the guy was truly wonderful. he was constantly joking. constantly. his mode was that of measured humor and wit, and his is a presence that won’t ever be replaced.

he left behind three kids with the sharpest sense of humor on earth, full of laughter and sarcasm and self-depreciating wit and i can see that between them he is still here in full. still a part of our family. he’ll always be around when we gather in upstate new york and play in the golf tournament he started and sit around the back porch on the rocking chair he used to plant himself in.

my heart goes out to my aunt and my cousins and their families; losing such a magnanimous man leaves the world a little lighter.

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