Show Up Attitude

My buddy Jay’s been the talk of Vancouver lately and I sometimes forget that it’s happening, because when we grab lunch or beers we rarely talk about this stuff. We have talked about this stuff, in extreme detail, largely because a lot of the way we’re tight is related to a similar mindset about the world and experiencing it. This is a great interview in which he does a killer job of commenting on how he approaches his life.

For me, its all about the experience. Vancouver presented me with a fantastic experience, a hopeful experience, and thats the reason Im here. When I was making my decision, I was asking: Whats the culture? Whats the atmosphere like? Whats the club like, from the CEO all the way down to the players? Whats the manager like? Whats soccer like in Canada? All these things come into making a serious decision. I easily could have stayed in Europe and made three times the money and sat on a bench in Germany, but why would I want to do that? I dont have a bone in my body that thinks that would make sense. I was presented with a challenge to come in and play a role that I wanted to play. Whats the point of having six or seven years of great experiences and learning so much to not use it? The way Vancouver sold the club to me, sold the role to me, all played a part. I sit here now and I really believe Ive made the right decision.

via Goal! Jay DeMerit goes around the world in 80 ways.