(single for life)

stach (cha’s little sister): oh my god i love your blog. it’s like a soap opera or something for me.

braden (laughing): isn’t it great? you sit there with your morning coffee, right?

stach: i’m like, please leave me alone i’m reading d’s blog! and i was gone all last week and i’m so happy because i get to catch up and read all posts and the comments and i see kate commented and i have to go back and read all the posts about her from before! i’m obsessed.

this in a sarcastic tone, poking fun at me.

braden: if you haven’t heard, d’s become the go-to guy for relationship advice…everyone just identifies so closely with him and has to share how they went through the same thing.

me: ha, that’s true. i’ve been getting a lot of those kinds of emails. it’s sort of amazing how many.

stach: that’s what you should do; give relationship advice for a living.

me: i don’t know about that.

braden: people could email you their problems and you could just blog about your own life so they can identify with the things you’ve been through. it’s like therapy without the advice.

stach: yeah, cuz if he was a therapist it’d be, “tell me what’s on your mind…and now let’s make out”.

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