(sporting fall)

now the romance with fall begins and so far we’re still in that make-out stage where we can’t be in the same room together and just decide not to get naughty. we can’t just say let’s watch tv tonight.

of course that’ll pass because that romance is a turbulent one.

i wore a sweater today.

i look pretty good in sweaters, according to branner, but i can tell you that i’m going to put sweaters on in february and curse the world and the maker and chicago especially.

right now you can’t hate chicago because not only is fall still sexy but it’s october and both of our baseball teams are still suiting up. if you were roughly 6 to 8 years old in 1906 you might consider this a ‘been there, seen that’ kinda moment.

the rest of us are pretty pumped. even those of us (gasp!) who really aren’t baseball fans.

us non-baseball fans are still pretty surprised the bears can beat the colts and eagles.

i’m headed to south bend this weekend.

a place i consider to be the devil’s den. ha…that’s ironic. but i do hate south bend.

stanford comes to town to put the stink on notre dame, and thanks to my former soccer coach and my swimmer cousin i’ve got four free tickets to the game.

and there, my friends, is one of the most-unplanned sports posts i’ve ever written.

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