(spring flashforward)

spring showed it’s gorgeous booty today.

and i wanted to pinch it.

i walked everywhere all day, covering the neighborhood in a long drawn out circle with the crisp sunlight falling sure-footed to the curb, couples holding hands and puppies eagerly staring into coffee shops that had eaten their owners.

oh, the puppies.

the ice caps on our sidewalks persist, battle scars that remind us of the strength our city demands of us…a hint of more hard times to come. bumpy mini-hills hiding in the shadows of the southern side of the street, as everyone wandered along the brighter and warmer north.

the kind of light and activity and freshness that makes you want to fall in love.

that make you hungry.

for food.
for tomorrow.

a flirty tease, today was, for sure.

but i like flirts.

and i liked today.

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