(stick to the funny)

i’m not sure if you realize it, but you hit a point in your life at which it dawned on you that you might be cool.

it was right around that time that we all make a very important, and largely unconscious, decision in our young lives.

pick your friends based on funniness.

a common sense of humor is the tie that binds you inextricably to the most important people in your life.  humor’s the pure white manifestation of a world view, and as you trudge through the most confusing times of your life; middle school, high school, and onward; you don’t always realize it but you’re doing one thing right…you’re gravitating towards the chuckle.

now, you’re also wearing zubaz pants or french rolled jeans.  and if you were me (and thankfully you’re not) you’re sporting a long surfer dude haircut with the sides buzzed up underneath.  and three lines shaved in horizontal above your ear.

sidenote: that was what, 15 years ago?  probably fair that i’m single…that haircut alone warrants a 20 year penalty stint.

so it’s not that you were actually cool, it’s that you were clueless.

you’re starting think that maybe one or two things about you are cool (not your haircut, of course), and it allows you to stop trying to find that justification in people you don’t find entertaining, and you get on with your life with the people who end up in your life forever.

the no matter what friends.

does that justify the pants or the haircut or the fact that you went to school in full sweatsuits?

i don’t know.

but it might.

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