i am making a conscious effort to stay away from the internet this week.

today i checked in on twitter after a hectic day in the office and literally five minutes earlier i saw myself featured on this blog.

it makes it hard to kick the net when there’s so much love to be had around here.

in fact, i even put off my planned attempt to jog around the net to see how ugly things had become in light of the decision to switch the meetup from boston to chicago, and i still haven’t done it…although i did try and couldn’t even find mention of it.

it’s worth noting here that i feel terrible that people were upset.

on that note i’m working hard to make that particular weekend in chicago as completely awesome as a weekend in chicago can be.

with the taste of chicago opening up and the crosstown classic being played on the southside i’m pretty sure the city knew we were bringing bloggers into town.

what else have i been up to that you should know about?

i put together this little online business card, that i’m debating adding to my blog email signature:

i’m putting together an online presence for my wealth management practice, with the endgame being complete domination of the online personal finance market.

i think a new kind of interactivity is needed from financial experts, and i think that’s a topic for a discussion forthcoming.

oh, and of course there’s my little music project, [twenty-nine].

but what else!?

well…i’m a part of the group building a small associates board for the chicago dramatists, one of this city’s coolest and oldest theatrical organizations. the dramatists is a “professional theatre, dedicated to the development and advancement of playwrights and new plays. the primary goal is to discover, develop and promote the new plays and playwrights that will contribute to the established theatre repertoire, and enrich the lives of future theatre audiences.”

awesome, right?

well, in order to promote playwrights you need effective promotion, and in order to survive, you need a multi-generational audience.

our associate board is dedicated to expanding their reach to the next generation…generation x and y.

please let me know if you’re interested because we’d love some help.

in fact i’m on a conference call about this right now!

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