every year come january first, there’s no guarantee as to where i’ll be on any specific dates on the next year’s calendar.

sure, things are planned…january’s schedule is probably almost full by the first, and certain things are known like family weddings and this year for example my youngest sister’s college graduation…but ask me as to where i’ll be on a specific date in say 2010? odds are i don’t have an answer and i can pencil you in.

except for memorial day weekend.

if you’re reading this blog in a feed reader, you may have just noticed i edited a post from last may (and i only assume it then popped into your reader as new…maybe not, as i’m not an expert on feed readers, kiddies) which mentions my memorial day excursion downstate with cha-rule to tend bar at a music festival called summercamp.

this particular commitment is a done deal every year in advance. it is a complete and utter vacation, in every sense…and while in no way would it work for everyone, it works for me. when you compare mixing vodka tonics in 85 degree heat listening to wonderful music to my professional responsibilities year-round, well, you start to see my point.

and listen up…because i’m inviting you.

you see, summercamp’s run by the music higher-ups from urbana, illinois, where cha-rule went to school and worked in their main venue as a bartender. by extension she’s been on staff at summercamp since inception six years ago, and dragged me into the fold shortly thereafter.

we sling drinks. we get tons of sun. we meet super nice people. we’re backstage all weekend with vip access.

and not only do we attend the whole thing for free…we walk away with hundreds of dollars in cash tips.

now here’s the kicker: chalise can’t go this year.

i need some sidekicks!

here’s the skinny: a three-day festival of diverse music and artistic expression, summercamp is about halfway between festivals like bonnaroo (horribly overcrowded) and lollapalooza (crowded too, and a bit corporate). it’s still small and manageable, and it’s music encompasses hip hop, jazz, rock, and the jamband regulars.

if words like festival and camping don’t scare you, you’re gravy.

you could work bar, if you’re up for that sort of thing…or you could pay the entrance ($140 for the weekend right now) and just enjoy the weekend at your leisure.

it’s up to you.

come on, you adventerous types…
you know you wanna!

here’s the lineup thus far (with emphasis on some of the acts i’m excited to see):

moe. (3 days!),
Umphrey’s McGee (2 days!),
The Flaming Lips,
The Roots, O.A.R., STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9),
George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, G. Love & Special Sauce,
The New Pornographers, Girl Talk, Tea Leaf Green,
Clutch, Blind Melon, The Avett Brothers, Hot Buttered Rum,
The Lee Boys, Cornmeal, Groovatron, Family Groove Company,
56 Hope Road, Future Rock, Phonograph, Banyan,
U-Melt, Euforquestra, The Hue, Elsinore, Madahoochi,
Zmick, Brainchild, Cosmopolitics, Uglysuit, The PMG,
The Macpodz, Creek Road Ramblers, Sub-ID, Mifune, & more still to be announced!

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