i’ve spoken of summercamp before.

i even asked some of you to join me there, when cha-rule couldn’t come because her baby sister is graduating from highschool.


i’m not going.

it’s a bit of a complicated decision, largely based on some off-the-internet realities and a small bit based on the bar schedule i was given by the guys running the festival.

kind of a 99%/1% pie chart, but the end result is that i’m all of a sudden not looking at friday as the start of a four-day excursion into no-man’s land with no showers, little food, tons of alcohol (and other effects, ahem), and non-stop bartending.

it’s a relief, to be sure, aside from the fact that i’m missing the flaming lips and the roots and…well…all these bands*.

i know a lot of you are thinking i’m crazy, because by most accounts skipping out on four days in the sun with great music and not a care in the world AND heading home with a couple hundred bucks in cash is crazy.

but tell me the last time you had four days with not one single plan at all.

think of all those times you said “that’s an hour of my life i’ll never see again” or “that meeting was weak sauce and i’d give anything to have those thirty minutes back“**.

now i’m getting those hours back…ninety-six of them in one fell swoop***.

and i most certainly don’t know what to do with them.

so now it’s time to turn on the left brain, people, and come up with some completely awesome adventures for me to carry out this weekend, in the interest of providing better blog-fodder than would have been provided by a weekend in a forest full hippies on mushrooms.


*that is a link to a PDF file, which may not be supported by your computer. if it’s not, you need to download Adobe Acrobat need to stop using an apple IIe.

**both of which i said today.

***where did this saying come from?! “in one fell swoop”…is this one of those things that i’m saying wrong and always have and it’s really a slighly different saying that actually makes sense? my ex-girlfriend used to say, “for all intensive purposes”.

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