(sunglasses at night)

as i alluded to yesterday, i made a last minute decision to stay in san diego, and actually called the airline while standing in the sand and sunshine. from decision to confirmation the whole thing took about four minutes, and all of a sudden i didn’t have to go to the airport.

our entire weekend was fun with side of fun, and even though the weather wasn’t exactly gorgeous until yesterday, we spent most of our time outside and (ahem) drinking or eating.

we met some truly awesome people, some truly crazy people, some old friends, and some new friends.

the people in san diego truly took care of us, in a way that as i think back is really surprising…they opened up their homes and vip access and gave us hours of their time to show us their beautiful city.

i want to include pictures with the stories i have, mostly due to the fact that some of the pictures we took are almost the entire story in and of itself, so i’ll walk you through the weekend when i’m back in chicago.

right now i’m in san diego airport, and you guessed it…i’m watching people.

a little kid just walked by wearing a space helmet, and another three year old is jumping up and down two seats away from my buddy brady, jabbering away nonsensically…and i’m pretty sure brady’s doing all he can not to seriously injure the toodler permanently.

three days of four hours sleep will make guys like us dangerous, kids.

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