(sushi for twenty-eight)

i’m back!

on friday i went to sushi in san francisco with 28 people.

actually i’m pretty sure we had more than 28 people, and i’m positive that the restaurant we went to will never host another party like ours again.  they’ll probably revoke their $1 beer special too, either because they ran out of tiger beer or because they were nearly bankrupted.

we sat on the floor around a long wooden table and when the ladies had to pee they shimmied under the table.  it was that kind of scene.

it was the first most of us had seen of one another in months if not years and it had the buzz of the first night of a fun weekend…i’m sure a few people barely ate any food.

i sat in the middle along the wall next to Sau-Sau and we made plans to take over chicago when she moves here for business school.

at first i had tammy sitting on my other side but she and her boy couldn’t handle the floor and moved to chairs, so i got Deuce in her place.  before she left i told her i’d been watching her dominate The Amazing Race 14 but i forgot to tell her i was gonna turn all of you into her biggest fans.

then i made a horrible speech to commemorate our gathering.

before i even started that speech i stood up and on the way up i knocked over the painting at my back, identical to the one you see behind the kids in the photo here.  as i remounted it i said ‘man ikea is gonna be pissed’ and the waitress retorted ‘that painting’s worth seven hundred dollars’.

but she lied it was worth five hundred dollars according to the sticker on the wall next to it.

my horrible speech was something like ‘to wonderful friends, old and new, to wonderful food, and to my apparent respect for artistic integrity’ which was dumb because three girls and one dude at the party were celebrating their birthdays; everyone reminded me as i sat down (carefully) and we toasted them.

i fell in love with so many people all over again that night.

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