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Quote: Harlan Ellison

I have a feverish fascination with a book’s opening lines. I think the best pieces of writing in print (and certainly online) win the attention and trust of their reader with just a few opening lines, and those lines…the ones I love anyway, set a mood, scene, attitude, and conversational tone with such brilliant concreteness that you immediately feel as if the author is in the room speaking to you.

Personal Blogging & Geek

Anyway, I didn’t want to muck up a blog composed of highly personal prose with chatter about the potential of Twitter and the implications of Facebook, so I kept it separate. These posts are almost always quotes from articles, a link to the article, and my thoughts.

My Mom Thinks I Write Well, So

The rest of you could be people I know and love, or maybe you’re a blogger who’s been hanging out with me in this weird party for the last few years. It’s okay that I’m not sure who you are. It shouldn’t really matter.

Generation BlahBlah

Sure, we’re a bit** more agile with technology, but everyone else is catching up fast. Sure, that’s given us a bit of a unique profile when it comes to brands that want to sell us things and employers who want to keep us happy, but that’s their rat race.

You’re still buying things, and you probably work for someone.

On An Island

As a blogger, though, I’ve spent a lot of my written words pushing for a few common endeavors within the community. One of them is transparency; I think blogging is at it’s best when we try to be concise and honest. The other is confidence; I think personal bloggers write themselves towards a voice that represents them, and the more they write the closer we all get to the good stuff.

Investigate Your Value

We shouldn’t be talking about what really matters, as bloggers. As writers. As gardeners, managers, executives, joggers, eaters. It should not ever ever be a question as to quantity and quality. It should never be a discussion about whether we are all in a room looking to score the most points or whether we’re looking to help one another be better versions of ourselves.

You Know Things

I had an interesting conversation this weekend with someone who didn’t know that I blog.* I also had an interesting conversation with someone who didn’t know that I…