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Anyway, I didn’t want to muck up a blog composed of highly personal prose with chatter about the potential of Twitter and the implications of Facebook, so I kept it separate. These posts are almost always quotes from articles, a link to the article, and my thoughts.

What A Year

That meetup was the reason I took the reins on 20 Something Bloggers, something I’ve never regretted. It showed me the heart of a community that’s really changed people’s lives; something I’m proud to be involved in and continuously proud to talk about.

Blog Swap: Being A Blogger

Sometime I feel when I don’t get comments on my posts, they can be a real motivator but that doesn’t stop me from posting as I know that I’m new to this arena. I blog because I have opinions in almost all the things, though I’m not as talented as most of them when it comes to writing skills. But it’s all about learning which I love the most.

Investigate Your Value

We shouldn’t be talking about what really matters, as bloggers. As writers. As gardeners, managers, executives, joggers, eaters. It should not ever ever be a question as to quantity and quality. It should never be a discussion about whether we are all in a room looking to score the most points or whether we’re looking to help one another be better versions of ourselves.

The Blogger Is Not Real

Some are little worlds; written for the author’s enjoyment or a compulsion to keep a running tab on events and fleeting thoughts attached to those events. I think nearly every personal blog lives an early life this way, unless its author was an avid paper diarist.

You Know Things

I had an interesting conversation this weekend with someone who didn’t know that I blog.* I also had an interesting conversation with someone who didn’t know that I…