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How Are Things Going, Founder?

It makes answering the ‘how are things going?’ question a very difficult one to answer, because until things are decidedly doing so well you’re almost surprised by it all, you’re really just surviving. Things are going well because you get to be inside of your project and the world revolves around your ideas.

We’re All So Lucky, Part Two

The car radio was still playing Layla. The Derek and the Dominos’ Layla…the aggressive, haunting, screamy version of one of rock’s greatest songs. It was nothing short of torture, sitting there terrified, sirons in the distance, knowing the world was about to assess the total destruction of our adolescence.

We’re All So Lucky

We were graciously afforded the Lincoln Sabre (I’ll never forget the model) to head into ‘town’ to kill some time. What that means, in fact, is that it was still light out, maybe mid afternoon, and we were allowed to drive into Galena to “check out the shops”. That, to us at the time, meant laugh at the locals and putz around, talking about pressing highschool social matters for a few hours before returning home for dinner on the grill next to the lake. We were in highschool and we were needing to escape, and we all felt alive as we headed into town.

Sun For Five Minutes

I just got back from Chicago where I watched Chalise marry the man of her dreams and I really can’t imagine what kind of blog post it would take to express how deeply meaningful and heartwarming and significant it was to witness. I know I’ll watch my sisters get married and I know have a glimpse of what that will feel like.

Depressed? Not One Bit.

I laughed and immediately realized that I’d made a lot of the idea that I don’t have friends in Vancouver, which is both untrue and a sentiment that I now realize is hard to address flippantly, especially when you have people who actually use your blog to try and get some insight into what the hell your life is like on the other side of the continent.

Real Conversations Before Geek Bonnaroo

We laughed about our kooky parents and contemplated the question marks in our futures. She has friends going to SXSW so I had to explain that I was going to the Geek Bonnaroo, not the music part that normal people attend. She gave me a video tour of her crash pad down there, and introduced two of her roommates who were hanging around.

A Calendar Of Question Marks

Living in the domain of other people is something you get familiar with in college. It’s a unique experience for most; those of you who went to boarding schools or those fancy East Coast prep schools were rocking the roommates even earlier. Maybe boarding schools and prep schools are the same thing, actually…honestly I’m just a Midwest guy who played soccer and passed Calculus.

We’re All Idiots

I’m fairly confident means that that I’m crazy, and I’ll look back on the whole experience and wonder what lead to my being the kind of guy who would move to a foreign country without a work permit, a place to live, or enough time to really say goodbye to friends and family.