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Stop And Take It In

Today I spent the first half of the day downstairs seated at the window as the weather moved from grey to grey-yellow and the rain made a half-hearted appearance. The shop was full almost all morning; more conversation than laptop dates, and across the street the park revealed today’s importance to a particular subculture as kids strolled around sporting pot leaf necklaces and tie-dyed shirts.

Cell Phones, Tea, and Grape Nuts

There’s that St. Patrick’s Day was probably taken very seriously last week, and the NCAA March Madness basketball games were probably on television in all the bars (and condos, for that matter).

It’s not just the sports, though. It’s not just drinking as a sport (which is how I’d characterize my past St. Patty’s Days). Actually, drinking as a sport is something Canadians do well, come to think about it.