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A Letter To A Friend

Anyway, I love the insight into your new life I’ve had lately, and I’m so excited to watch you be a father. You’re sense for family was what made you you in every place I saw you; you’re a natural and you’re made of everything it takes to nurture truly lasting relationships.

Throw Me That Love, Chicago

I’m a kid that was born in a non-remarkable suburb that way back when I was growing up formed a line between the Chicagoland area and the rolling gold corn fields that didn’t end until Iowa started. I didn’t know Chicago in those days. I knew New York better than I knew Chicago, actually…every year I spent some time in the Big Apple…I barely remember any real time in downtown Chicago until after I went away to college.

Music Hunting

If you’re ever wondering what people are feeling at the moment you can find out by music hunting and using whatever’s popular at the moment as a decent barameter.

Seriously, look at any digital music popularity tool on a Monday morning, and then take a look at it on Friday afternoon…it’s basically an A to Z reflection of human disparity and jubilation.

A 12 Yard Shot

I wrote this a few hours after a triple overtime playoff match with our biggest college soccer rivals. Our two teams were among the top five in the country at the time, and had the misfortune of meeting early in the NCAA Tournament, on our home field at Stanford. The match went tied through all the overtimes, in one of the worst downpours I ever played in; it was a total mess. The thousands of fans who showed up toughed out the horrible weather and three hours of soccer to watch it settled via penalty kicks. After five penalty kicks, we were stilled tied. We entered the sixth round, head-to-head rules meaning a made shot matched against a missed shot would end the game.

Take A Second

I’ve developed a taste for single malt scotch, avocados, and sushi. I’ve been in two car accidents that should have killed me, and emerged unscathed from both. I’ve had coffee with the President’s daughter and I’ve debated everything under the sun with a myriad of different people with different backgrounds and diverse perspectives.

Shaving Revisited

I realize that might come very close to stating that life as a male is pretty easy, but let’s not forget that we do have to navigate the intricacies of you women once we’re done shortening the hair on our chinny chin chin. We still have to figure out what it is you want to hear when you ask us questions we think we know the answer to.

Being Pretty

This was a conversation we’d been having since we’d met, but like all our conversations at the beginning of our relationship this one had never had legs. It hadn’t had time for legs; we were sneaking around and we were pressed for time and we were aggressively trying to get to know one another because our minds were madly in love but our lives and our hearts were still learning the language.

Another Forever Thing

Now they were marching us into a room packed with not only our team, but the women’s team as well. The cat calls. The jokes about the suits they’d made us wear for our Introduction Event.

Blog Re-Design, Zero Coding

If you’ve been with me for a while you may have noticed that this year I switched my blog from blogger to wordpress’s self-hosted platform. Since then, the look and feel of this blog has changed a bit too, most notably the last time I changed my theme and layout, and (at the same time) brought my monthly mixtape project [twenty-nine]* over here from tumblr.

It seems back then, my inclination to claim that blog design was in ‘beta’ phase was prescient, as we now have a full redesign as of late last night, in what amounted to a few hours of tweaking and absolutely no coding whatsoever.

(dial tone)

tomorrow will mark a full week without my telephone. you phone is the thing laying around your apartment you probably take most for granted.  you probably just used…